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Mobile Wallet

Use your First Heritage Bank debit card with your mobile wallet today! With a mobile wallet you can make purchases in person, online or in an app. Mobile wallets for your First Heritage Bank debit card are available on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, & Android Pay.

You can use your mobile wallet to carry a digital form of your First Heritage Bank debit card on your mobile device. You simply tab a button or hold your phone near a payment terminal to initiate a payment. Rather than sharing your personal card information, your mobile wallet will create a new randomized number that is used to complete each purchase.

To add your First Heritage Bank debit to your mobile wallet, follow the instructions provided by your mobile wallet provider. If you have questions or need assistance when activating your card, please contact us at 785.857.3341.

If your First Heritage Bank debit card is lost or stolen or replaced for any reason with a new card, you will need to add the new card to your mobile wallet.


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