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First Heritage Bank knows how important it is to start saving money at a young age! If you are 12 years old or younger, we have a special savings account just for you, called the PennyWise Savings Account. We encourage you to set a savings goal. Then bring a portion of your allowance, birthday dollars, and other money you’ve earned for odd jobs to deposit at First Heritage Bank!

Your PennyWise Savers Account is a tool you can use to help you keep money in a safe place and even earn more, through the interest the bank pays you. The more money you save, and the longer you keep it in the bank, the more money the bank pays you!

Each dollar you deposit in your PennyWise Savers Account earns 10 “First Money” points. These points can be exchanged for cool awards such as toys, treats, and even a new PennyWise Club T-shirt! To learn about the cool awards offered, see the PennyWise “First Money” Savings Awards page.

Ask your parents to help you open a new PennyWise Savings Account with the money you have earned and start saving today at First Heritage Bank!

Club Features and Benefits include:

  • All new members receive a Club T-shirt FREE!
  • Unique saving plan provides incentives and rewards…bonus point system!
  • Fantastic Club activities, including the annual PennyWise Pool Party!
  • PennyWise Club Newsletter includes games, activities, and recipes just for kids!
  • Exclusive PennyWise design T-shirts, school supplies, and other special promotional items!
  • Membership card, treats and statements designed for our “pint-size customers”!

To learn more about this product, please visit the Products and Services page or the Rate page to see the current interest rates.


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