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Business Cash Management Service

First Heritage Bank has specifically developed a comprehensive program to maximize your organization’s daily funds position through use of our Cash Management Services.

First Hertiage Bank's Repurchase Agreement Program is designed to address the investment needs of your business when you have excess funds, allowing you to maximize your investment potential with a convenient, efficient, and fully secured product.

Each business day, depending on an agreed upon calculated ending account balance, the bank will automatically:

First Heritage Bank's Customized Credit Facility is designed to address the borrowing needs of your business when you need access to funds on a timely basis. Imagine never having to pass up a valuable trade discount, or being able to actively manage your business’s accounts payable so you can minimize your interest expense.

By using First Heritage Bank's Cash Management Service, we will help you utilize any excess balances you would normally have in your account. The result is that the bank will help you:

First Heritage Bank's Cash Management Services will transform your Business Checking Account into a valuable asset that drives your cash flow management, providing a significantly more profitable banking relationship by approaching your business from your perspective. Contact us for details today!

*Repos are considered a secured investment because you will have perfected interest in the security sold during the term of the investment. However, there is always risk to any investment. If anything should prevent the bank from repurchasing the security, you will have legal ownership of the collateral. The market-value of the collateral should be adequate to compensate for the value of the loan.

Amounts placed in repurchase agreements are secured obligations collateralized by securities that are the direct obligation of, or the principal and interest of which are fully guaranteed by, the United States, one of its agencies or one of its government sponsored enterprises. Federal law requires that we prominently disclose to sweep account customers that amounts placed in repurchase agreements (i) are not deposits within the meaning of 12 U.S.C 1813(l); (ii) are not insured by FDIC; and (iii) are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal invested; and that if the Bank fails (i) you will be a secured creditor, but (ii) you may become an unsecured general creditor to the extent that the market value of the securities used as collateral falls below the outstanding amount of our repurchase obligations to you.



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