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First Heritage Bank Debit Card

With a debit card from First Heritage Bank you can get access to your accounts and make purchases just about anywhere. The purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. You can use your debit card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

Debit Card Safety Tips

  • Protect your debit card as though it were cash
  • As soon as you receive your card make sure to sign the back of the card in the signature panel
  • If your debit card is lost or stolen you should immediately call us at 785-857-3341. If it is after normal banking hours please contact STAR at 800-523-4175.
  • Never lend your debit card to anyone
  • Never share your PIN with anyone
  • You should memorize your PIN and should never write your PIN on your card or store it in your wallet or purse
  • Never enter your PIN in any terminal that does not look genuine, has been modified, has a suspicious device attached, or is operating in a suspicious manner
  • When entering your PIN use your hand or body to shield the keypad so others cannot see it
  • Compare your receipts with the statements you receive so you can report any discrepancies as soon as possible
  • Be mindful of your surroundings when using an ATM
  • Use our Online Banking product to monitor your account on a regular basis

Tips for Travelers

Lower your risk while traveling this summer by following these simple tips:

  • Contact us. Call or stop by one of the FHB locations to notify us of your travel plans. Make sure we have your contact information in case there is a question about transactions on your accounts.
  • Clean out your wallet. Take only the credit and debit cards that you will need on vacation and verify with us that your limits are high enough to cover all expenses.
  • Copy your cards. Make a copy or scan the front and back of each card you plan on taking. Make sure you can read your account number and customer service numbers. Store this information in a safe place so you can contact companies if your cards are lost or stolen.
  • Keep an eye on your cards. Store clerks and food servers can steal card information with skimming devices, so do not let your card out of sight. If that is not possible, consider paying with cash.
  • Monitor your account frequently. Checking your account balance is a great way to combat fraud. With FHB Alerts and FHB Mobile Banking, you can receive alerts by text message or email and check your account balances as often as you would like.

ATM Access

The following First Heritage Bank ATM’s are conveniently located and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • First Heritage Bank, 906 North Street, Seneca, KS
  • First Heritage Bank, 620 Fourth Street, Centralia, KS
  • First Heritage Bank, 6501 Main Street, Corning, KS
  • First Heritage Bank, 17260 W. 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa, KS

First Heritage Bank Debit Cards also work in many non-Surcharge Free ATMs. However, you may be assessed a transaction charge by the owner of the ATM.


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