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FHB Mobile Banking FAQs

What is FHB Mobile Banking?

FHB Mobile Banking allows you to do your banking securely and conveniently from your mobile device. With FHB Mobile Banking, you can view your account balances, look up transactions, and transfer funds between accounts anytime, anywhere.

Is using FHB Mobile Banking FREE?

Yes! FHB Mobile is a free service provided by First Heritage Bank. Please note: depending on the rate plan with your mobile service provider, standard fees may apply such as text messaging and Internet access. Check with your service provider for details on these fees.

Does FHB Mobile Banking require any software to be loaded to the phone?

No. FHB Mobile Banking is a browser based application that does not require any software to be loaded to the individual device.

How do I setup FHB Mobile Banking?

How do I access FHB Mobile Banking?

Can I access FHB Mobile Banking with any mobile device?

You can access your accounts through FHB Mobile Banking from a mobile device that you have registered. You can register any mobile device that is web-enabled and allows secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) traffic. If your phone has internet access and text messaging capability, then you're ready to start using FHB Mobile Banking.

Do I need a password to use FHB Mobile Banking?

Yes, use your current FHB Online Banking user ID and the FHB Mobile Banking password you create to login each time.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

Your account information is not stored on your mobile device, however if your mobile device is lost or stolen we suggest that you deactivate your device from FHB Mobile Banking. By deactivating your mobile device from FHB Mobile Banking you are preventing that device from accessing FHB Mobile Banking even if the person with the device has the correct username and password.

How do I deactivate a mobile device from FHB Mobile Banking?

Your mobile device may be deactivated at anytime through your FHB Online Banking account. To deactivate your mobile device simply login into FHB Online Banking, click on FHB Mobile Banking under the User Settings menu, select the device you want to deactivate and click deactivate. You can also contact us and we can deactivate a mobile device from your account for you.

What do I need to do if I get a new mobile device?

If you obtain a new mobile device and are using the same phone number and service provider, you will need to login into your FHB Online Banking account, select FHB Mobile Banking from the User Settings section and request a new activation code. If you switch service providers and/or phone numbers, log into your FHB Online Banking account and deactivate your old device and complete the registration process with your new device.


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